Detoxifying & Cellulite

Body Treatments at Urban Spa | Detoxifying & Cellulite

‘Detoxify The Body and Clear the Mind’

Sluggish bodies and weary minds can signal the need for a detoxifying cleanse, inside and out. While an overhaul of diet and exercise will immediately help detox cellulite and cleanse the body, extra assistance can dramatically aid the processs. Our comprehensive range of carefully selected Body Treatments at Urban Spa target cellulite and toxins, helping to clarify your body, focus your mind and give your spirit a fresh lease on life.



espa detoxify body treatments urban spa‘Salt and Oil Body Scrub’ | Ideal for Exfoliating and Hydrating the Skin
Duration | 30 mins | cost £35

Sea salts and essential oils are massaged over the skin leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. Choose from detoxifying, relaxing or invigorating salt scrub.


NEW Slimming, cellulite and Detox

Personalised treatment aimed at reshaping, slimming and sculpting the most troublesome areas, along with specific steps to target cellulite, even the most resistant! The perfect compliment to your diet and exercise routine. Both treatments include tranquility welcome, a mud or cream wrap and a cream or oil massage.

Draining and slimming thermal mud therapyurbanspa11
Duration | 60 mins Cost | SP – £66 S – £63 T – £60

An intensive treatment with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A deep tissue massage encourages a profound purification of the tissues while the focus and laminaria algea promote a lymphatic action to break down cellulite deposits.

Intense slimming
Duration | 60 mins Cost | SP – £66 S – £63 T – £60

An intensive treatment with thermogenic action specifically for profound and resistant cellulite imperfections. Improves microcirculation and promotes remodelling of the body.