Normal to Sensitive Skin & Eyes

Facial Treatments for Normal to Sensitive Skin Types

Identifying your skin type is an integral part of caring for your skin – establishing what your own unique skin type is allows you to treat and care for it accordingly. With the help of your Urban Spa skincare therapist, your skin tone can improve immensely by choosing the facial treatment that is specific to your needs. We offer only the best in professional skincare brands, including Comfort Zone, Dermalogica and ESPA.


Normal skin, if well cared for, is pretty well behaved. However, there are always improvements to be made! At Urban Spa, we cater for all skin types, including Normal and Sensitive Skin

Express Facialurbanspa28
Duration | 25 minutes Cost | £35.00

A quick boost to leave your skin feeling refreshed AND de-stressed. A sneaky little cleanse, tone, facial massage and moisturising. Available with Dermalogica or ESPA.

[ comfort zone ]
‘Skin Resonance’ | Rebalancing Treatment For Sensitive
Duration | 55 mins Cost | SP – £53 S – £50 T – £47

A soothing, rebalancing and protective treatment recommended for reactive skins prone to redness, rosacea and fragile capillaries. The skin is balanced and visibly calmed, toned and nourished with a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.

 DermalogicaUrban Spa Bishops Stortford Dermalogica Facial Treatments

‘Ultra Calming’ | For Sensitised Skin
Duration | 70 mins Cost | SP – £63 S – £60 T – £56
Say bye bye to redness and skin irritation and inflammation, your skin will feel a calming relief that is enough to make your skin go ‘Aaah’! Calming botanicals are blended to gently purify the skin without causing irritation.

‘Essential Facial’ | All Skin Types
Duration | 60 mins (includes 1 touch therapy) Cost | SP – £52 S – £50 T – £48

Your Urban Spa skincare therapist will customise your facial by carrying out Dermalogica’s unique face mapping system. This divides your face into fourteen zones, each with its own set of unique concerns.


espa facial urban spa bishops stortford‘Essential Aromatherapy Facial’ | Ideal For All Skin Types
Duration | 55 mins Cost | SP – £52 S – £50 T – £48

Suitable for all skins, this deep cleansing, relaxing aromatherapy facial, purifies, refines and hydrates.

NEW Optimal Skin Profacial
Duration | 55 mins Cost | SP – £52 S – £50 T – £48

This targeted facial unites the pioneering formulas of ESPA’s Optimal skin care collection using clarisonic brushing with expertly tailored facial techniques. This facial instantly revives and brightens the complexion while ultimately helping to protect against environmental damage and delay the early, invisible stages of skin ageing.

To reduce puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines, ask about our upgrades from just £20!