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  1. Daisy Neal


    I am looking for a facial for anti aging. Which one woud you recommend? I would like my mum to feel pampered. Many thanks. Daisy

    1. perry Post author

      Hi Daisy
      first of all i must apologise that no one got back to you soon
      We have great anti ageing facial i would recommend sublime skin double peel which is a great facial
      if you give as a ring then we can discuss this more with you
      01279 465666
      many thanks

  2. Danny Doyle

    I was treated to a Men’s “Heroes” Facial by my wife last Friday (Aug 18) and wanted to give you some feedback: This was my first ever facial and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Victoria was very efficient, very professional and very friendly which made my first time much easier. The welcome at reception was also very good and the whole climate of Urban Spa seems welcoming and hospitable. The only negatives I have are: the minascule changing room (which I presume you cannot do too much about) and the grubby looking carpet on the landing which seems to let the business down. I hope you can do something about that soon and I would then feel more comfortable about coming back again.

    1. nataliewebb

      Hello Danny,
      Thank you for your feedback about your recent visit. We are pleased you enjoyed your Hero Facial, it is a new facial that has been added to our spa menu so we are pleased to know that our male clients have been enjoying this new bespoke treatment. Thank you for your feedback with regards to the carpet, and I am pleased to tell you that it is something that we are addressing and will fixed very soon. We look forward to welcoming you back to the spa in the future.

  3. Cheridane

    Which is your best pregnancy facial, I seem to have developed slight acne since being pregnant so would like something to really help with that please.
    Thank you!

    1. nataliewebb

      The most suitable facials for you would either be the ESPA Skin Purifying Facial or the Comfort Zone Active Pureness Rebalancing facial. Both of these facials are great for acne prone skins and are safe for pregnant clients. I hope that helps to answer your questions. If you would like to book an appointment our telephone number is 01279 465666/465333. Kind Regards

      1. Cheridane

        What about the microdermabrasion facials? Are they not suitable for pregnant women?
        Would like to try and book in for this week if possible tomorrow or Wednesday.

  4. Joney name is question is do you have any hydra facial treatment for men skin .how much do you charge for men facial treatment and my face have some mark .you have any deep cleaning treatment for that .if you late me know the price and how many minutes take will be .many thanks.

    1. nataliewebb

      Hello Joney,
      We have two facials which would be suitable for you, you can choose from either our Hero Facial which is a facial specifically designed for male clients where the therapist will analyse your skin and use products that are suitable for your skin type and skin condition, it also includes a shoulder, neck and scalp massage, the Hero Facial costs £59.
      Or I would recommend a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial, It is an electric facial that uses machine that safely exfoliates the outer layers of the skin. This is great for anti-aging and problematic skin as it gives the skin a really deep clean. The crystal clear facial costs £57.
      I hope this answers your questions, if you would like more information or if you would like to book an appointment our telephone number is 01279 465666/465333. Kind Regards,

  5. Maria

    Hiya, I have some spot/acne scarring across my chest area, what service would you recommend to get these lightened/removed?
    Many thanks x

    1. nataliewebb

      Hi Maria, Thank you for your enquiry. We could suggest IPL rejuvenation treatment or possibly even Crystal Clear. I would suggest you come in an have a free consultation to better assess your concerns. Kind regards

  6. Jessica


    I am interested in the hair removal. Is it possible you could give me a price list.

    Upper lip
    Legs half and full

    Many thanks

    1. nataliewebb

      Hi Jessica,
      are you looking for waxing hair removal or IPL hair removal.
      Please email or call and i can give you the information you are looking for.
      [email protected]
      01279 465666/465333
      Kind Regards,
      Spa CoOrdinator


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