Top Ten Hair & Beauty Resolutions for 2015

Top Ten Hair & Beauty Resolutions for 2015

Top Ten Hair & Beauty Resolutions for 2015 from Urban Spa, Bishop’s Stortford

unnamedChristmas has come and gone, and we were all somewhat guilty of over indulging throughout the festivities.

And why not, seeing as it is the most wonderful time of the year!

Unfortunately, the excessive partying, manic Christmas shopping trips (and eating so much food that you could hibernate for an entire winter) – really takes it’s toll on our hair and skin.

With that in mind, we take a look at the Top Ten rejuvenating beauty services available at our spa in Bishop’s Stortford – stick to these simple resolutions and prepare shake off those January blues, and ensure that you are the best version of yourself for 2015!

1. I will cleanse, tone and moisturise

It’s all about a fresh, crystal-clear glowing complexion, and there’s only one way you’ll achieve this: look after your skin. That healthy, dewy finish starts with a daily three-step skincare regime, so we’d recommend booking an appointment for a facial and let your therapist recommend the best skin care products for you.

2. I will be brave

It’s a new year, so why not try that cut or colour you always wanted to try but were never sure! Book a consultation with one of hair experts and let them help you find the style that works for you!

3. I will vamp my lashes and brows

What better way to draw attention to yourself than amazing brows, shaped to frame your face and great lashes for a great wink appeal.

4. I will restock

This works for both hair and beauty. Throw out any out of date products and change products that aren’t working for you. Our hair and beauty experts can help you find what works for you.

5. I will SPF everyday

Many people will tell you that SPF is the most effective means of slowing down the ageing process. Make sure your daily moisturiser contains at least SPF15 and use it all year round! The sun may be weaker come winter, but those sneaky UVA rays (responsible for damage and ageing) are present whatever the weather.

6. I will visit my stylist regularly

There’s no doubt about it, the best way to look after your hair is to regularly visit your stylist, not only to help keep your style, but for advise and recommendations to get the best from your hair!

7. I will de-stress

Everyone has daily stresses in their life, so why not treat yourself. Take an hour or two to distress with a massage and to add a little extra pampering with hot stones or Lava shells.

8. I will learn to style my hair

If you want o recreate your gorgeous hairstyle at home, ask your stylists how. They can teach you what tools to use and to use them, so your hair can look amazing 365 days a year!

9. I will exfoliate

If you want your skin to glow with radiance and health, rid your complexion of dead surface skin with Crystal Clear microdermabrasion. You’ll reveal the fresher, more luminous you that lies beneath. What’s more, regular exfoliation helps the skin to renew itself, as the older we get, the slower the skin’s own shedding process becomes.

10. I will be hair free and care free

Banish that yearly summer ritual of finding the best hair removal for the holidays! During the winter months IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, is the best way to be hair free and care free by the summer holidays. Book a consultation today.