Summer Recommendations

There’s nothing like a good beauty treatment to get you feeling holiday-ready in a flash. Hair needs to be removed, skin needs to be exfoliated, feet need to be pampered.

These are the treatments, products and top tips we recommend before you take on the world this summer…

Achieve smooth summer skin with an ESPA Salt and Oil Body Scrub

Sea salts and essential oils are massaged over the skin leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. Choose from detoxifying, relaxing or invigorating salt scrub.


Want beautifully bronzed skin? Book in for a St Tropez Full Body Spray Tan

This tanning treatment guarantees a flawless and streak-free finish, leaving you with a long-lasting, natural looking bronzed glow.






Need long lasting nail colour? Try OPI Gel Colour

They’re quick, they’re practically bulletproof, and the shiny, glossy colour won’t budge for at least two weeks. 




Here are some brilliant summer must-haves recommended by our Therapists at Urban Spa in Bishop’s Stortford…

Sunbathing without the right protection, or the long exposure to the sun, increases the risks of skin diseases and guarantees early skin ageing. Comfort Zone’s Sun Soul formulas help prevent damage caused by sun exposure, enhancing the sunbathing experience and transforming it into an effective, refreshing, restoring ritual. 





Don’t sweat in the sun all day achieve a bronzed glow by applying ESPA high recommended Gradual Tan. This deeply nourishing body moisturizer, works intuitively with your skin’s biochemistry to develop a healthy-looking tan over four hours, while leaving skin soft and naturally bronzed, without any self tan smell! 

Finally here are some Top Summer Beauty Tips…

Remember what that SPF number means: it tells you how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned.

An SPF of 15 means that you can be in the sun for fifteen times longer without burning than you’d be able to without sunscreen. If you’re planning on being outside for hours, a higher SPF may be appropriate.

Don’t forget a primer. The oils of your skin are known to separate the pigments in foundation, making it look uneven and blotchy. Primer creates a shield and prevents foundation and your skin’s natural oils from mingling.

Try New Cid’s I-prime (also comes in a travel size), available at Urban Spa. Wide brim hats help protect not only your face from the harsh rays of the sun, but also your hair.

Avoid walking barefoot in the house or on the beach. The added pressure causes painful and unsightly calluses to build up.

Drink lots of water, fresh juices and consume loads of vegetable salads and fruit salads. Consuming fresh fruits, juices and veggies will clear your body from toxins and will also keep you hydrated.

 It is best to avoid oily, deep fried and spicy foods in the summer because they will tend to accumulate oil on your skin.